About Loony Letters

Have fun and express yourself with this crazy real time letter board.

Move the fridge magnet letters around !

Add new random or remove existing letters using the icons on top menu. (There is a maximum limit on the number of letters)

All users see the letters update in real time, so watch out for other players who might 'steal' the letters that they need !

Write something amusing... then promote your message by sharing Loony Letters on social media ...

Visit back later to see what other people have contributed to the letter board

Be creative, be funny, be witty, be loony .... but be nice !
No profanity, thank you.


Loony Letters was created with passion, JavaScript, and the amazing  GreenSock animation API

With thanks to Tina ('Tink') for patience, inspiration and the brand name     'Loony Letters' !


Settings / Letter board style

For a bit of variety you can change the style of the letter board ....

Try these styles to find your favourite look and feel whilst playing




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The letter board may be periodically and randomly reset in order to randomise the letters.


It is more fun when several people are using it at the same time, so share and encourage your friends to come and play


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